Djalgala Yarra

an arboreal meditation 2019


Alex Sanson
in collaboration with Leanne Tobin

Djalgala Yarra translates to tree, embrace in the Darug language. The work is inspired by the shape, colour and history of the Sydney Red Gum, an iconic and magestic tree of the Sydney Area.

The work was created by the artists to contribute to a space of calm, contemplative wonder and further inspired by meditative breathing, to draw the viewer in with its hypnotic motion that is at once tranquil yet energetic.

This work was commissioned for Blacktown
Hospital Stage 2 Expansion 2019

More images of the work here djalgala-yarra

Many Colours of Blacktown Sky by Day



Malcolm Cooke

These mosaics are a metaphor for the rich diversity of the patients, staff and visitors of Blacktown Hospital.

The images represent the Australian day light and flow from sunrise to the night sky. It gives continuity to the night sky represented by mosaics in the internal Hospital Street.

The seats’ images were developed in collaboration with local Nepalese and Bhutanese communities and students of Chifley College Shalvey Campus

This work was commissioned for Blacktown
Hospital Stage 2 Expansion 2019

Details from the mosaics

Between Earth and Sky


Leanne Tobin

‘Between Sky and Earth’ welcomes all to Dharug land with the Dharug word Warami. The surrounding words are greetings from the many different nations within NSW.

The artwork welcomes visitors onto country and pays homage to Mother Earth and all she gives us. Mother Earth is personified as a woman; the giver of life and provider of all resources.

It is hoped that ‘Between Sky and Earth’ provides a safe, comforting and aesthetically healing space on the hospital grounds and extends a warm Dharug welcome to those who come here.

This work was commissioned for Blacktown
Hospital Stage 2 Expansion 2019

Mandala Series

Lotus Floral Radiant Swirl Earth Water

Digital prints on acrylic

Martha Jabor

The Mandala series includes 26 artworks specially created for the Newborn Care rooms by artist Martha Jabour. The works were developed through a collaborative design process incorporating digital, photographic and traditional forms of image making involving the Newborn staff and artists Alice Hinton Bate-up, Aanchal Matta and Jim Paton.

The mandalas are inspired by the diversity of people and culture of Blacktown and are thematically grouped as Lotus, Floral, Radiant, Swirl, Earth, Water. The circular designs symbolize the idea that life is never ending, and everything is connected.

The ideas and imagery were gathered from a range of interviews and workshops undertaken with the artists, staff and community user groups connected to the Newborn Care services. Significant for all cultures is the cyclic, rhythmic and iconic imagery of seeds, flowers petals and leaves embedded in a matrix of space, earth, stone, water and air.

The portals act as focus for mindfulness and calm.

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