Completed Projects

Royal Newcastle Centre/ Royal Newcastle Hospital 2005

Project developed from planning to completion from 2003 to 2006
The projects included:
  • Collaborative work with designers (architects and interior designers), health planners, and staff.
  • Cataloguing the arts collection of the Royal Newcastle Hospital (RNH),
  • Development of four collections that celebrate the heritage and achievements of the RNH:  architecture, volunteers, maintenance and engineering, nursing and health management.
  • Development of resources through partnerships and sponsorships including $60,000 cash donations.
  • Commissioning of 16 public art works.
  • Development of collection of 100 photographs on sunrises from the Hunter Region in partnership with ABC Radio and local communities.
  • Acquisition of a grand piano for the foyer and development of partnership for an ongoing music program with the Newcastle Music Conservatorium (University of Newcastle).
  • Development of an arts program, Royal on the Move, that supported change (closure of the RNH and moving to the new building).
The Royal Newcastle Hospital was established in 1817 and was closed in 2007. Its closure was a significant loss to the communities of Newcastle, NSW, who fought hard against it.


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I AM STILL HERE is a multidisciplinary program initiated HARC and the Artists for Alzheimer's TM,to support the participation of people with dementia in cultural life.  The program has two main components:
The Artists for Alzheimer’s, a volunteer program linking artists (musicians, visual artists, writers, poets, etc) to people with dementia
Museum and Gallery Tours, a program of guided tours to public museums and galleries in Australia
Since 2004 HARC has been working with Dr John Zeisel, from Hearthstone Foundation, USA to develop an arts program that supports quality of life for people living with dementia.  This work has now developed into a partnership between HARC and National Gallery of Australia, Artists for Alzheimer's (USA) and Alzheimer’s Australia.
The program At the moment developing phase 1 of the program To promote quality of life for people with dementia by creating opportunities for access to cultural / arts activities at the National Gallery of Australia and developing resources that support the promotion of access programs in other galleries / museums in Australia.

Auburn Hospital and Community Health Centre 2006 - 2011


The project was developed from the planning to completion

Auburn Hospital is part of Western Sydney Local Health District, 17 km west of Sydney Centre Business District. It serves residents of Auburn Local Government Area which includes the suburbs of Auburn, Berala, Homebush Bay, Homebush West, Lidcombe, Regents Park and Silverwater. 78% of local residents speak other languages than English at home and the hospital has interpreter services covering over 100 languages.

The hospital was redeveloped from 2005 with the old building being demolished and a new hospital and community centre buildings completed by 2011.

This project included:

  • Collaborative work with designers (architects and interior designers), health planners, and staff.
  • Cataloguing the arts collection of the Auburn Hospital,
  • Commissioning of 53 public art works.
  • Development of collection of photographs through photographic competition in partnership with the Auburn City Council.
  • Development of the Living Library for Auburn Hospital.

The works were commissioned and produced by Health and Arts Research Centre, Inc. who prepared an Arts and Cultural Plan for the new hospital.  The plan involved over 350 staff, patients, visitors and local residents. The participants felt that the arts in the new hospital should speak about our commonalities and celebrate our diversity.

“The Universal Journey”
Artwork by Bronwyn Bancroft

The Auburn Hospital Redevelopment Arts and Cultural Plan


Moments of Tenderness Photograph
By Gaven Lin, Auburn Hospital 2008

Place is experienced through our senses, memories, and stories.

In this relationship with place, we are not of mere spectators but actors in the creation of places.


Auburn Hospital Living Library

Auburn Community health Centre

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Auburn Community Health Centre Foyer

Cabravale Park

Fairfield City Council has upgraded Cabravale Memorial Park

This project included: 

Collaborative planning work with the landscape architects and school students from Cabramatta local schools. Design and creation of works for the rainwater garden, mosaics for paths and seats, created the representation of the chain of ponds of the Fairfield creek using mosaics, stories of the the Lailo the frog, water for life design with students for mosaics for the rainwater garden seat and paving inserts.

Healthy Heart paving inserts in the walking path every 50 meters in various languages message "Walking 30 minuets every day is good for your heart" carved into the terracotta tiles made from the clay dug up from the park during redevelopment work. Designed developed with many community language groups.
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