I Am Still Here

I AM STILL HERE is a multidisciplinary program initiated Marily Cintra of HARC and Dr John Zeisel of the Hearthstone Foundation and the Artists for Alzheimer's™, to support the participation of people with dementia in cultural life.

The program has two main components:

The Artists for Alzheimer’s, a volunteer program linking artists (musicians, visual artists, writers, poets, etc) to people with dementia

Museum and Gallery Tours, a program of guided tours to public museums and galleries in Australia

Since 2004 HARC has been working with Dr John Zeisel, from Hearthstone Foundation, USA to develop an arts program that supports quality of life for people living with dementia.  This work has now developed into a partnership between HARC and National Gallery of Australia, Artists for Alzheimer's (USA) and Alzheimer’s Australia.

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Dr John Zeisel training session at the National Gallery of Australia

Introduction to I Am Still Here project by Peter Malcolm

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